Posters of the Velvet Revolution

This page presents a selection of revolutionary posters from Filip Blažek’s collection from November and December 1989. Most of the posters are also included in the book Posters of the Velvet Revolution, which was published in November 2009. The information about the creators is continuously being added and updated, as despite great care, it has not yet been possible to find the authors of all the posters. We apologize to the artists whose names are not listed here, we will be happy to add them.

During 2009, the collection of posters was exhibited in Czech Centres🔗 abroad (Tokyo, Moscow, Stockholm, Warsaw, Košice, Paris, Berlin). Copies were exhibited at the end of 2008 in the Mlýnská café in Prague thanks to the Opona🔗 organisation and during the summer of 2009 in the garden of the Straka Academy, thanks to the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic🔗.

By agreement with the authors of the posters, we provide reproductions of some of them for exhibitions, professional publications, commemorative events or historical films.

Design Aleš Najbrt, silkscreen, 600 × 844 mm

Design Ivan Král, offset, 605 × 855 mm

Design Bratrstvo, photo Václav Jirásek, offset, 510 × 856 mm

Design Pavel Hořejší, photo Martin Stollenwerk, offset, 573 × 494 mm

Design Michal Cihlář, photo Stanislav Savický, offset, 469 × 850 mm

Design and photo Luboš Kotek, offset, 224 × 297 mm

Design Pavel Hrach, Joska Skalník and Rostislav Vaněk, photo Miloš Fikejz, offset, 425 × 591 mm

Design Pavel Šťastný, offset, 637 × 469 mm

Design František Skála, offset, 389 × 612

Design Jiří Votruba, text Bohuslav Blažek, offset, 854 × 600 mm

Design Michal Cihlář, offset, 776 × 566 mm

Design Roman Werner, offset + silkscreen, 589 × 415 mm

Unknown designer, text by Bohuslav Blažek, offset, 600 × 850 mm

Design Pavel Beneš, offset, 808 × 584 mm

Design Milan Kincl, photo Aleš Lamr, offset, 579 × 821

Design Vladimír Jiránek, offset, 440 × 614 mm

Design Aleš Lamr, typography Milan Kincl, offset, 574 × 752 mm

Design Stanislav Holý, text by Bohuslav Blažek, offset, 604 × 749 mm

Design Michael Rittstein, silkscreen, 853 × 610 mm

Unknown designer, offset, 853 × 605 mm

Unknown designer, offset, 591 × 419 mm

Design František Tomík, offset, 420 × 584 mm

Design Daniel Pešta, offset, 414 × 593 mm