About Us

Filip Blažek’s design studio was founded in 1997 and has been operating under the name Designiq since 2003. It specializes in the creation of books, magazines and newspapers, as well as visual identity, mainly for companies operating in the field of culture, science or non-profits.

Educated designers with years of experience have been working with the studio for a long time. The studio also works with experienced freelancers in the fields of photography, architecture, programming, etc. and with time-tested printers. The studio is a member of the Czech Graphic Design Union🔗.

We offer the following services

Graphic design

  • Book production from graphic design to typesetting, proofreading and preparation of print data
  • design of logotypes and corporate identity
  • design and production of magazines, annual reports and brochures
  • posters and promotional printed materials
  • participation in juries deciding on suitable graphic solutions
    and more…


  • Careful typesetting including foreign (and non-Latin) languages
  • professional font localization including kerning for PC and Apple
  • repairing old fonts, font conversions between platforms, consulting on font problems
  • full range of font-related services at fontservice.typo.cz🔗
  • analyses of existing graphic solutions for newspapers and magazines

Graphic design by Filip Blažek and Eliška Kudrnovská

Web design by Lexa Hudeček

Photography – portfolio: Kryštof Blažek (Minio)🔗


Hosting: Savana🔗

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