Divadelní noviny

When we worked on the redesign of Divadelní noviny🔗 (Theatre Newspaper) in 2009, we wanted to bring a fresh style to it, to bring it closer to the younger generation of theatre lovers, but at the same time not to discourage the existing readers. The newspapers are still published in our graphic design, which we have slightly modified several times.

The client’s primary requirement was clarity and good readability. The navigation elements are therefore distinctive, large headers help orientation in the newspaper. Editorial elements - headlines, quotes or decks - break the monotony of individual pages. The newspaper has a basic five-column layout, supplemented by a four-column variant with a fifth narrow column. The text typeface is Karmina🔗, the small elements are from Karmina Sans🔗, and the headlines are set in Bree🔗. All fonts are from TypeTogether🔗. The individual issues are typeset and graphically edited by Aleš Fulín, who follows the layout principles and at the same time responds flexibly to editorial requests.