Collections & Politics

The book Collections & Politics is a catalog that maps the collection of the Museum of the Working Class Movement. It includes objects, archival materials, and books from the former communist party museums, such as the Klement Gottwald Museum and its branches, the Julius Fučík Museum, and the V. I. Lenin Museum. All of this falls under the project Museum of the Working Class Movement in the 21st Century🔗, in which the National Museum🔗 is involved along with the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes🔗.

The typical color scheme, low-resolution halftone reproduced photographs, and text typefaces used in the book refer to the aesthetics of the period. However, the modern sans-serif font on the cover and the overall treatment bring the book into the present.

Hardcover book with canvas cloth on the cover is protected by a slightly metallic grey-silver dust jacket

The fonts Týfa and Josef Sans by Storm Type Foundry🔗 are based on the original font of Josef Týfa, an important Czechoslovak typographer of the 20th century

The low-resolution halftone in the photographs refers to the imperfect printing technologies of the second half of the 20th century, which largely determined the form of the prints produced at that time

For quick orientation of the reader the Czech texts are in black, the English ones in grey

The book has 376 pages and was printed on G-Print🔗 by TNM Print🔗