365typo 1

In September, a publication was released that presents 365 stories of type, typography and graphic design over the past year. The 365typo yearbook not only presents important events and facts, but also includes essays focused on the future development of the industry.

The book helps readers navigate the field of typography and graphic design in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. The entire publication is conceived as a kind of time capsule, an archive of key events that will serve in the future when many blogs or online databases and projects may not be accessible. More than 100 authors have contributed to the book, many of whom are respected figures in the field, such as John D. Berry, Erik Spiekermann or John L. Walters. The editor of the publication is Linda Kudrnovska, who led TYPO🔗 as editor-in-chief for ten years.

The graphic design of the book is a reflection of some of the current trends in the field; indeed, each subsequent issue of the yearbook should reflect something of the year of its creation. The author of the graphic concept of the first edition of 365typo is Filip Blažek. Each page has its own category, which defines the basic theme of the articles, and each article has its own tag, which further specifies its content. The text font is Capitolium 2 (TypeTogether), the headlines are set in Berlingske Serif🔗 (Playtype) and the microtypography is set in Neue Haas Unica (Monotype).

The book is published in English by étapes: editions🔗 in Paris in collaboration with the international organisation ATypI🔗. The book is hardback, 308 pages, 230 × 283 mm and printed by D’auria Printing in Italy with five colours on Magno Natural 140 g paper. ISBN: 979-10-95254-00-3.