Typokniha – Guide to creating printed materials

Typokniha is a publication that guides the reader through the basic principles of creating printed materials – brochures, books, magazines, catalogues, posters, etc. It focuses on effective typesetting, provides an overview of typographic rules, offers clever techniques and tips to make work easier, and even looks at proofreading and preparing print data. The project includes a website, www.typokniha.cz🔗, where readers can find examples of recommended application settings as well as files that make it easy to create error-free files for the printer.

The publication is designed by the author, has 260 pages and is printed in two colours, black and Pantone 172 U

The book is set with the Plantin🔗 font by Monotype and Adapter🔗 by Rosetta Type Foundry. The cover uses the author’s grotesque Pozorius. The publication was printed by Serifa🔗 in Prague.