Suicide... and what now?

The non-profit organization Cesta domů has published a booklet dedicated to the difficult topic of suicide. Interviews with experts and those who have lost loved ones are interspersed with real-life stories that often do not have a happy ending. It is a sobering read, yet it is hoped that it may provide assistance or guidance to individuals in distressing situations. Indeed, at the end of the booklet, readers will find a wealth of useful contacts. The booklet is available for purchase from the Cesta domů eshop🔗.

The cover of the booklet features a photograph of the By one’s own decision – Memento Mori🔗 monument by Kryštof Kintera located under the Nusle Bridge in Prague

The texts in the booklet are set in the Sharp Grotesk🔗 font (by Sharp Type) and the Sirba🔗 font (by TypeTogether)

Expert texts and interviews are interspersed with real stories of those who have lost loved ones, which are highlighted in color and a different font for the reader’s better orientation

The booklet was printed by H. R. G.🔗 in black ink in combination with the vibrant green Pantone 809 U