Letecký motor ve dřezu

Martina Špinková🔗, one of the founders of Cesta domů🔗, is interviewing Irena Závadová, the head of the home hospice. The talk about death and dying is based on the life experiences of both authors, who have been dealing with this topic for a large part of their lives. The book Letecký motor ve dřezu (Aircraft engine in the sink) is published by Journey Home Publishing and is available from their e-shop🔗 or their charity shops🔗.

The cover is printed on Munken Pure🔗 paper 

The book is accompanied by pencil illustrations by one of the authors Martina Špinková

Typesetting with Capitolium 2🔗 by TypeTogether and Sharp Grotesk🔗 by Sharp Type