Ledový zámek

The publishing house Cesta domů🔗 has published a novel The Ice Palace by the Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas in a new and unusual form. The book is published as a two-volume set. It includes a hardcover book, which is a comic adaptation of the original story, and a paperback book with the full text of the novella translated by Helena Kadečková.

The books are bound with colour-matching ribbon

The comic book is printed with UV printing technology on Munken🔗 paper. The book uses the font Beatrice🔗 by SharpType

The author of the comic book part is illustrator Martina Špinková🔗, with whom we worked closely on the graphic design of the book

We chose the font Karmina🔗 by TypeTogether for the text part

The book with the text is printed in one spot colour, icy greenish grey Pantone 5555 U

Both books have the same format and form a compact whole, but can also function as two separate publications