Divadelní osmdesátky a Studio Beseda

The book deals with the history of the important Hradec Králové theatre venue. The publication, compiled by Miloslav Klíma, is accompanied by dozens of photographs by Josef Ptáček🔗, and the graphic design was created by Filip Blažek, who says: I wanted the book to reflect the atmosphere of the alternative theatre scene of the 1980s. I recalled the dark, black-painted spaces of the small theatres I used to visit with my parents at that time. Since even the space of Studio Beseda was all black in the 1980s, as the great (and dark) documentary photos of Pípa Ptáček show, I was looking for a way to express this colour in graphic design. Black edges were therefore an obvious choice…”

Josef Ptáček’s photos were scanned from original negatives or surviving images from the 1980s. They had to be carefully retouched of scratches, fingerprints, dust and other impurities.

The book has 320 pages and is printed in black on Munken Polar 120 gsm paper in Serifa🔗. The spine is covered with black cloth, and the book title is embossed in yellow on the cover and spine. The typesetting is done in Capitolium 2🔗 font, the titles and marginalia are typeset in Aperçu🔗 font. The black binding was made in the bookbinding workshop at Umprum🔗 in Prague. The book was published by the publishing house Prague stage in cooperation with the Research Group of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague🔗 in Prague.