The Insects Project

In September 2016, the book The Insects Project🔗 was published, which examines in detail the design of diacritics in four Central European countries. The book was initiated by editors Zofia Oslislo and Agnieszka Małecka-Kwiatkowska, who wrote a chapter on Polish diacritics. The section on Hungarian accents was written by Robert Kravjanszki, on Slovak accents by Palo Bálik and on Czech accents by Filip Blažek.

The book has been released under a Creative Commons license, a downloadable PDF is available on🔗, alternatively the book is on Issuu🔗.

The book was presented to the professional community at the ATypI conferences in Warsaw in 2016 (the recording of the lecture is on YouTube🔗) and Typo Berlin a year later.