Designiq in Font

The December issue of Font magazine🔗 features an eight-page interview by Ondřej Kafka with Filip Blažek, who also designed the cover of this issue. The interview with Ondřej was very nice, we reminisced about the beginnings in the 1990s or talked about how to raise awareness among the Czech public about the role of graphic design in society,“ says Filip. The magazine is available at🔗.

Filip Blažek’s cover represents some of the author’s associations with graphic design and typography, around which the interview revolved: 8-bit computers, important figures, significant magazines, applications, data media, terminology, pangram or the Bohemian Identity project🔗.

The typefaces used on the cover are based on the C64 improved🔗 font, which is an interpretation of the Commodore 64 system font from the 1980s. The font is available for free download at🔗. For the purpose of the cover, Filip Blažek created other variants based on the same principle in Fontsctruct.

The conversation also covered many other topics: they discussed the reasons that led to the founding of the Graphic Design Union, talked about how often we see prints in films that don’t match the time in which the film is set, or talked about the importance of travel.