Bohemian Identity

Starting on 11 January 2024, Czech Television will broadcast one episode of the 7-part documentary series Identita – the story of Czech graphic design every week on the ČT art channel. Filip Blažek, Linda Kudrnovská and director Jakub Skalický came up with this project a few years ago. The project has since grown, with an exhibition at the Kampa Museum, a book and a feature film Bohemian Identity in the pipeline. For more information about the Identity Project, visit🔗.

Pictured are Linda Kudrnovská, Filip Blažek, director Jakub Skalický and cameraman Petr Racek during the shooting of the Identity series.

Filip Blažek, together with Linda Kudrnovská, professionally supervised the series, participated in filming interviews with dozens of Czech designers and selected representative works from individual respondents.

The graphic design of the project was done by Tereza Saitzová, Olga Hesounová and Jiří Karásek from Studio Marvil🔗.